Free day and final worship

Yesterday we had our free day and out final time of worship. It was Grace and Faith’s 16th birthday! We got up and left the hotel by 6am and left for our hour and a half drive to Volcano Pacaya, which is one of three active Volcanos in Guatemala. 

When we got there we got ready and started our 4 kilometer hike to the top. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. A couple of us even got to ride horses for some of the way. 

We had an awesome tour guide named Luis and his friend guiding us up the volcano. The view from the top was worth it. We couldn’t go to the very peak, but we went up as high as we could. 

John Cena (Dakota’s friend) even made an appearance on the volcano. 

As we started out decent, we stopped at a field of volcanic rock and they gave us marshmallows to roast over the steam. 

  • And then we made our way back down, stopping for a few pictures on the way. 

Then we walked around Antigua and shopped before dinner. 

We got back to the hotel and the staff made us a special dinner of steak and sausage and potatoes. It was incredible. 

They even sang to Grace and Faith for their birthday! 

Today we are headed home. Our flight leaves Guatemala at 1:55pm Guatemalan time and then will land at 6:06pm. I just checked the status and it looks like we are on time. 

If you are coming to pick up, I will have my cell phone on me and you should meet us at International Arrivals which is Terminal E. 

See you all soon! 

Work day one

We have Wifi!!!… For now….

We had a great day at work today. We split into two groups and started building the foundation of two houses. 

We worked hard mixing the concrete and moving blocks. 

Patsy is taking pictures like a pro and putting them on Facebook. Check hers and mine for more photos. 

We are eating really well and our hotel is incredible! It is fenced in and surrounded by volcanos and mountains on all sides.

Time to head to bed for the night. Keep looking for photos! 

Final Day/Free Day

Today was our last full day here at CSM Houston. We started out the day by cleaning and packing up most of our stuff and then we had our Devo time about Rahab. 

We then loaded up the vans and headed to Splashtown for the day where we went down the Texas Tornado, the Drop, the Texas Free Fall, floated in the lazy river and ate ice cream. 

We went to Cici’s for dinner and then made our way back to the church where we did an affirmation circle with yarn. 

We went around the circle and each person affirmed someone and was affirmed by someone. It was a really powerful experience and a great way to close out the trip. 

Of course we then ended by singing Lean On Me together. 

Tomorrow we will be headed back to Clear Lake. It looks like we will probably end up getting back much earlier than expected. We should be back to the church before 10am! 

Day Five/ Last work day

Today we had a great end to the work week! We started as usual with devos led by Mr. Mike about the paralyzed man who Jesus healed. 

We played games and one group even had a water balloon day at the apartment kids club. 

We then met up together at the Houston Food Bank and worked for the afternoon. We packed 17,222 lbs of food, which made 14,352 meals!

When we finished that, we went to a park to hang out before dinner. 

One group went to Zabak’s Mediterranean food and the other went to Darbar Indian food. 

After dinner both groups met back up at the Water wall by the Galleria for our debrief. 

Tomorrow will be our day off! We are headed to Splashtown and then having an affirmation night to close out the trip! 

Day Four

Today was a great day of experiencing Houston. We started the day off with a devo that Katrina led about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. 

We went to our apartment complexes and played with the kiddos. We picked up trash and helped clean up the area. 

Then one group went to the Holocaust Museum and walked through it. 

The other group went on their city search where they did a scavenger hunt throughout the city. They shared lunches with new friends they met in Herman Park and found their way to City Hall, the Chase Building and the tunnels. They rode the Metro train and learned about the city. 

After our afternoon activities, we met up together for dinner at Tripple J’s Smokehouse. We had some great Texas BBQ! 

We even got to debrief at Dairy Queen! 

Please pray for our last work day tomorrow! 

Day Three 

Today we had a great day for our second full day! We started the day off as usual with a devotional about the Rich Young Ruler. 

We then left for our anchor sites at the apartment complexes. One group got to have a pool day while the other continued playing board games because that was what the kids LOVED to do. 

After lunch group 1, went to Nabor House which is a child care center that serves low income families. We helped to turn up the mulch in the park and primered parts of the fence so that another group could repaint it. 

Group 2 went on a city search where they followed a scavenger hunt type activity that took them on the metro train and into downtown Houston. They met all kinds of people along the way, including a man named Chico who lived at the Salvation Army. They went to the top of the Wells Fargo building and to Sullivan park. They even had to search around to find somewhere in public to use the restroom. 

After that both groups went back to the housing site for tamales delivered from Alamo Tamales. They were incredible!!! 

We finished the night with a worship service outside with the whole organization and lots of free time for the day! 

Keep us in your prayers! 

Day Two/Prayer Tour

Today was a great day for our first full day on our trip! We had a great night of sleep and then started the day with a devotional about the Good Samaritan. 

Both of our groups then headed out to our anchor sites, which is the site that we will go to in the morning for all four days. Ok it anchor sites are at summer kids clubs at apartment complexes. 

We played games, did crafts, played outside and got to know some of the students at the complex. Not many kids came today, but we are assured that more will come tomorrow!

After lunch at the sites, we headed out on our Prayer Drive Tour. On the tour we heard about many facts and information about Houston, while driving around. We stopped at specific places throughout he city and prayed for them. We learned about the poverty throughout Houston, gentrification, the Ward system and human trafficking. 

After our Prayer Tour, we went to Canino’s Marketplace on Airline Dr. It was a great Marketplace where there was a ton of fresh food and goods. 

After that we went across the street and picked out dessert pastries at a Mexican Bakery and then headed to dinner. Both groups went to a Vietnamese restaurant and had incredible food! 

We finished the night at the park to debrief our day. 

Please continue to be in prayer as we move into day two of work! 

Jr High Mission Trip Day 1

Today we left for our Center for Student Missions Houston trip with our Jr High students. 15 students and 5 leaders made the long commute to the Northside of Houston to serve God and people throughout the Houston area. 

We loaded the vans and started out before a huge lightning and rain storm made our commute more fun. We unloaded the trailer in the rain and got settled. 

Each of our groups ate at incredible restaurants. One went to Thai and another went to an El Salvadorian restaurant. 

We ended the night with games and hanging out at the housing site. 

Please be praying for us as we start our work and journey through a prayer tour tomorrow around Houston.